Saturday, June 15, 2013

Montesilo goes viral

Montesilo™  has gone totally viral. If you Google it you will get hundreds of pages of hits.

The best part is that I have taught the Google a word; when you get to the "i" Google asks if you are looking for Montesilo ™.

If you want to see how things have worked out you can view one of the several TV shows that have featured Montesilo™ linked below


Episode 11

Sorry about the ads. Montesilo ™ is the second house featured in this episode. Scrub forward to 12 min 7 sec to skip the first house story.

Plum TV ; Strange spaces

Wear your hip boots. This one is deep.

Montesilo on Plum TV: TV for the 1%

CBS Sunday Morning

Montesilo ™ featured in a story about dream homes. 

Eye on Design : PCTV